Lies We Believe Part 3

A man comes home to find that his wife of 9 years is in love with another man and is leaving him and their two children.A young mom is in a car wreck and finds out that her toddler didn't survive the crash. Parents are beaten in the night while their children are taken by rebels. A girl is repetitively raped by a family friend and it's years before anyone finds out. A veteran came home from war with PTSD and eventually lost his wife and family because of his disorder.

Each of these are true stories I've heard of personally. There's so many more stories of tragedy, betrayal, hurt, and injustice that each of us could describe. Prayerfully most of you reading this have never experienced something as intense as these, but some of you have. Either way, we've all experienced degrees of pain. We've all been through situations that ripped at our resolved and left us feeling empty. The truth is life isn't fair, it isn't always easy, and often it can feel like you may never quite feel happy and whole again.

The lie we're told by the enemy is that our situation is hopeless. The situation will never change and you will never heal. The truth is no situation with God is hopeless. This doesn't mean it's not hard. It definitely doesn't mean it won't hurt and it doesn't mean that it won't take some time but it is not hopeless.

Maybe your pain is as intense as some of the stories I described, maybe it is more common like dealing with a death in the family, maybe it wasn't death or dying, but perhaps you lost your job, maybe you're contending for family members to believe in God. No matter what your source of pain is, God wants to put you on a journey of being free and full of hope.

First you must rid yourself of the lie that there is no hope. Your situation can change. Your heart can be healed. He does have a plan for you, to prosper you and not to harm you. HE HAS GOOD THINGS FOR YOU!

"Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13

The enemy wants you to believe that you are alone in this fight. He wants you to believe that no one understands. He wants you to believe that you will hurt for the rest of your life. He wants you to believe that your situation is irreparable. Then after you've believed all of these things, he knows you've ultimately lost trust and faith in the God who can redeem all things. The Truth is... that God is the God of HOPE. God is the God of the miraculous! God is the God who heals. God is the God who restores. God is the God who redeems. God is the God who can and will turn your situation around.

Renounce the lie that your situation is hopeless and remind yourself that that Truth (God's reality) is that no situation is beyond His repair. At one point Joseph was sold into slavery without an end in sight, Abraham was marching up a hill to offer up his son, Paul was beaten and in prison, but most of all the Son of God was hanging crucified on a cross. Each of these situations seemed pretty impossible... pretty painful... pretty "hopeless"... but God redeems all things.

The very situations that seemed to kill all hope actually ended up being the very place of breakthrough.

Be Blessed, J. Tate


The next lie that we're often told by people is that time heals all wounds. Sadly that's not always true, I wish it was. I wish the answer for all pain was simply, wait it out, it'll go away eventually. Time may numb you to the pain, but it doesn't mean it will heal you. For school we recently read the book, "The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness" by Jason Vallatton. This book really opened my eyes to many things and is what got me thinking about this blog.  In this book Jason talks about "walking out of pain". The truth is being healed of pain is a process, but with God it is possible.

I think a big issue we have in the body of Christ is that we honestly don't know how to handle pain when it comes our way. We try to slap on our Christian smile, with our "joy of the Lord", while everyone around us thinks we're doing fine and we're secretly dying inside. Unfortunately, this is the very behavior that leads to hopelessness. This mask is what allows pain and disappointment to turn into deeper issues. I wish there was room enough in this blog to discuss what walking out of pain looks like, but the truth is it is different for every person and Holy Spirit our great Counselor is a wonderful teacher on how to truly walk in complete wholeness. For some awesome tips on this subject check out Jason Vallatton's book.