We Need You

"Achieving greatness in the Kingdom is impossible without recognizing the greatness in another." -Bill Johnson Many of you may remember the vision I had a little over a month ago about the unopened gifts sitting in the pews of our churches. It's been a picture that I haven't been able to stop thinking and praying about.

It's a humbling moment for all when Bill Johnson stands in front of you and says, "If I pray for someone and they don't get healed then I just go grab the nearest child and have them pray, then usually they're healed"

A few days ago I had a situation where I knew something was going on in the spirit realm, but I couldn't necessarily pick up on what it was. So I just asked my friend who frequently "sees" things in the spirit and she was able to tell me without hesitation exactly what was going on.

The pastor may pray for hours and dream of growing His church, but without the congregation willing to partner with him, he is limited in what all he can do alone. The worship leader may have an incredible voice and dream of leading people into intimate worship, but without someone who can play an instrument it'll be a little more difficult. The evangelist may pray and dream about seeing an entire city being evangelized, but without a team it'll take quite a bit of time.

We could go on and on about the various gifts and passions we each have, the dreams we have to see the Kingdom grow in our city, but without each other our attempts are pretty futile.

The church has been sleeping, but she is awake and putting on her armor now, and marching triumphantly. But do not make a mistake: God cannot do a great work through you without doing a great work in you first. -Evan Roberts 

God is pouring out His Spirit on the Bride to transform their lives! He wants to change the way we think and move us into the Great Commission. We need the pastors, evangelists, apostles, teachers, prophets, but we also need the teacher, the business man, the stay at home mom, the grocery store worker, the coach, the cook, etc. We need the nursery worker, the janitor, the outreach coordinator, the women's ministry leader, the single mom's workshop, the first time parent classes, the children's church pastor and youth minister... No matter your gifting, occupation, job assignment, we need you all.

We have a little joke around here that Bethel is one of the few places on earth that the security guard and janitor will prophesy over you just as much as the minister will! LOL.

We need us all to step up and GO OUTSIDE the walls of the church to minister to the lost RIGHT. WHERE. THEY. ARE. We need you to love them, share the gospel, prophesy over them, pray for them, bring to them the Kingdom of heaven that resides in YOU! Then we need you inside the church!! We need to be prepared for the harvest to come in. Our pastors and full time staff can't lead every outreach, prayer meeting, class offered, ministry! Inside of YOU God is birthing ideas for new ministries, new outreaches, new classes, new forms of worship, new ways to administrate, and creative ideas to add to your local church or city that will reach JUST. ONE. MORE. PERSON with the love of God.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to ask God what you can do to bring His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven?

Be Blessed, J. Tate