You Won't Relent

I lay on the floor after an awesome day of ministry. My friend was leading worship and began to sing the words to an all too familiar song."You won't relent until you have it all..."

As I lay there, a smile crossed my face as I thought, "Nope, You sure don't, You don't relent until You have it all"

Just a few hours earlier I'd heard stories from a man who has done some of the most courageous work for the Kingdom from smuggling bibles into closed nations, being arrested for preaching the gospel, starting orphanages, and now pastoring a church believing for revival in America. He's given up everything to see His Kingdom come on earth.

Yes I'm at Bethel and we see blind eyes open, the deaf hear, disease leave, masses get saved, and so much more of Kingdom culture, but in the midst of this revival is repentance, vulnerability, transformation, and renewal. The blunt way of putting this is saying, ALL YOUR TRASH COMES TO THE SURFACE HERE.

All your sin, all your regrets, all your pain, all your hurts, all the lies you've believed, all the "JUNK" that's been hidden way down deep in your heart begins to take a front row seat. You'd like to believe it's the enemy, but you soon find it's actually our loving Father.

He won't relent until He has it all.

As my thought crossed my mind He whispered back deep into my soul, "Do you want me to stop?"

I wasn't expecting a response to my thought and a little caught off guard I began to replay the events of the last few hours, days, weeks, and even months. I thought about the face to face confrontation with my own fears and failures, my pains and hurts of the past, my false beliefs, my insecurities, and how He's walked me through each one carefully and diligently setting me free from bondage.

Banning Liebscher said on Friday night that we reproduce who we are. If we're fearful, discouraged, wounded, deceived, then we reproduce people like us. If we're whole, healed, delivered, FREE then we reproduce wholeness and freedom. Our culture needs people to allow Holy Spirit to work out their junk and set them free, so that free people will help others be set free.

Tears filled my eyes as I simply responded to His question. "Don't stop, you can have it all."

You can expose all that's in me that is not of You. You can wash me completely from the inside out. You can cause me to own up to all of my failures, all of my fears, all of my weakness and all of my pain. You can have it all, because you're worthy of it all.

As soon as I responded my friend began to sing prophetically, "Take it all, you can have it all, take it all, you can have it all".

You see though it's painful sometimes. Though it's humbling. When we vulnerably open ourselves up to Him we get to exchange our junk for His freedom. Beauty for ashes. Joy for mourning. A garment of praise for heaviness. Perfect Love for fear.

On the other side of His unrelenting search into our hearts is complete redemption and freedom.

Be Blessed, J. Tate