Dream Big, Start Small

“We must dream so big that without the support that comes through favor with God and man, we could never accomplish what is in our hearts.” – Bill Johnson "Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to do the dishes" -Mother Teresa

I've been reading in the gospels for four weeks and my mind continues to be blown as I am seeing the interactions of Jesus in a completely different light. How Jesus spoke, how He did relationship with His friends/family, how He handled situations, how He responded to certain circumstances, I'm amazed to find that even though I've been serving Him for eleven years I still think quite differently than He does. He makes a big deal out of things that I wouldn't even bother with and He barely addresses issues that I probably would have overly reacted on. He befriended people into His close circle that He knew would deny and betray Him. Have you ever stopped to just think and pray about why He did some of the things He did, why He said some of the things He said, in all honesty some of it seems so illogical!?!  I could really write a whole blog or even book on this topic, so instead I'll get to the point.

Jesus is perfect theology.

Jesus knew that He had an assignment to literally change the entire world by laying down His life as a sacrifice to satisfy the wrath of God on our behalf. He is the original world changer. He is the very first missionary. His calling would cost Him EVERYTHING. Needless to say He had BIG DREAMS. He literally wanted the entire world to be effected by His life.

Knowing this about Jesus makes certain circumstances and interactions interesting. If you're going to change the world why wait until 33 to begin an outward ministry? I'll stop with this one point to make a side note. I say outward ministry because we can't ignore the fact that Jesus' ministry actually began long before 33. He was ministering to the Father's heart in secret long before His ministry became public. If you knew you were going to change the world why choose to do it through relationship rather than government? In fact, we know that the disciples thought eventually the change would come through government, they thought Jesus would become KING! If you knew you were going to change the world why even bother with some of the interactions Jesus had with individuals? And this is where I want to camp on today.

Though Jesus was going to give His life for ALL of humanity, He liked to sit at the dinner table with a small group of sinners. Though He spoke to large crowds, He stopped for the woman at the well. Though He was the leader of the movement, He washed the feet of His followers.

Each of these instances demonstrate to me how Jesus humbly wasn't concerned with how fast this world changing occurred, but rather focused on obedience and changing the world that was right in front of Him.

This past week a few of my friends were in town that are doing work around the nations. We literally dream of seeing entire nations discipled by Jesus Christ. We dream of getting into closed nations. We dream of war ending. We dream of revival in America. We dream... BIG. What I love is that we are seeing the nations change, but they still take time to stop for the one person that is right in front of them. You still offer to do the dishes. You still pick up the trash on the street. You still make time for the coffee date or phone call for the friend. You disciple the one, so that you're ready to disciple a family, a city, a nation. You may preach to a crowd of 100,000, sit across the table from Kings, see the masses saved, healed, and delivered, but it starts with the woman at the well. Are you willing to stop for the one? (One of my favorite stories of this is my friend Kim stopping for a young girl in the bush while I was in DRC, you can read about that here)

So DREAM BIG. We're called to believe God for the impossible. Believe for the transformation of your family, your church, your city, your nation, the world. Dream to end human trafficking. Dream for there to be no unreached people groups. Dream to end war. Dream to see cancer disappear through your hand. Dream of starting an organization that changes the world. Dream of pastoring a church that changes the world. Dream of preaching the gospel to hundreds of thousands. Dream of seeing your paintings heal the sick. Dream of seeing your dance break off the chains of the oppressed. Dream of having a business that is able to fund massive movements. Dream to see every child educated and fed. Dream to believe that every person you speak to will be saved. Etc. DREAM DREAM DREAM DREAM.

But start small. Start with witnessing to the person in Wal-mart today. Start with paying your tithes. Start with building a relationship and learning God's heart in the secret. Start with reading the Word. Start with interceding for the nations. Start with taking one child out to dinner and being a major influence in their life. Start with being a good friend. Start with encouraging every person you come into contact with. Start with volunteering to keep the nursery.

Jesus savior of the world, stopped for the one along the road. He knelt down and washed the feet of His followers knowing that they would soon deny Him. He demonstrated how changing the entire world begins by partnering with the people in the world in front of you.

Be Blessed, J. Tate