Thoughts, Notes, and Quotes 11-11

The last two days have been absolutely instrumental and incredible. We've had Kris and Jason Vallatton, Havilah Cunnington, and Bill Johnson. This week is purity week so Kris, Jason, and Havilah preached on various aspects of purity. Steve Backlund teaches my elective track on church leadership. Bill dropped some mind blowing new thoughts and afterwards I had the privilege of getting to talk to him one on one about it and seeing his father's heart up close. I've posted some of my favorite quotes from the last two days as well as my interaction with Papa Bill! Pray it all blesses you as it has me!! Steve Backlund teaching our church leadership class: -Powerful leaders cannot have a victim mentality. -Our hope level determines our influence level. -You can't think a lie while you're speaking Truth. -The Kingdom of God does not move forward by good conduct but by good belief. -One of the great discoveries of leadership is to discover all of the weapons we have. -You don't change your life without changing how you talk. -Jesus didn't think His way out of the wilderness, He spoke His way out. -Your mouth is powerful, God had to mute Zechariah because He couldn't trust Him to speak around what He was doing. -We may not be outrageously joyful every time that we're in His presence but if we're never outrageously joyful in His presence then I seriously doubt that you're actually in His presence. -It's impossible to be joyful with a religious mindset. -To laugh you have to let go of something. You have to let go of the fear, financial issues, weaknesses, and choose joy. -Children laugh 400x a day. Adults laugh 15x a day. Do you want to be more like God then read Psalms 2:4. -Lies sound real in the darkness of our mind but when we bring them to light they're laughable. -Most people's laughers aren't broken they're just atrophied. -We get saved because we believed on Jesus, we'll have ministry and be transformed because we believe like Him. -Every area of your life that doesn't glisten with hope means you are believing a lie and that area is a stronghold of the devil in your life. -"Now may the God of all hope fill you with joy and peace in believing" You know the God of hope is filling you because you're full of joy and peace. -I want you to be more concerned with your personal hopelessness than anything the devil is doing. -Many leaders are addicted to the anointing because outside of the anointing they're insecure and fearful. We need to be addicted to Truth so that our fears, doubts, and insecurities leave. -It isn't the anointing that causes you to walk in continual freedom it's believing Truth. -My hope level is an indicator on whether or not I'm believing lies.

Jason and Kris V. -The church should be the safest place in the world. We should be able to vocalize our hurt, our sin, our struggle, without fear of punishment or broken trust. -Live from your virtues not your circumstances. -Go into all the world and reconcile the world back to Christ. You were given the ministry of reconciliation. If you can’t handle the confession of people’s sin then you’ll never be able to do that. -Every message you hear here, find the gold in it, not just for you, but so you can go out into the world and replicate it. -God is way bigger than your current circumstances. -Purity of your soul lies in what you're willing to protect. What are you willing to live for, to die for, and to sacrifice for?

-Life is either going to define for you who you’re supposed to be or you will define it. -Anytime you violate your conscious it’s a need wanting to be met. -Get more passionate about who you’re supposed to be rather than what’s tempting. -If you don’t have beauty on the inside of you, you’ll go find it somewhere. -“It sounds like you’re living for you, that’s the lowest level of living” -Kris V.

Bernie Ooley -Don’t rip the world off by not being yourself.

-So many people feel condemnation and think it’s the Lord. Condemnation makes you want to quit, conviction makes you want to change! -Any door you pry open, you’re going to have to keep open. -Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men, but humility will keep you in the room. -There’s a time for confrontation, but if you spend all your time putting out other people’s fires you’ll never have time to build anything. -There is no mutual exclusivity between the Word of God and the Person of God. The Spirit at the Word of God moved together from the beginning. -We are ambassadors of heaven. When you’re an ambassador your source and your supply comes from your homeland, heaven.

Havilah Cunnington

-I didn’t realize that doctors can’t heal the sick because they’ve never been sick! Yet in the church we believe people can’t help us just because they haven’t dealt with our issue! -Jesus is not in and out, He wants His Bride. He has chosen intimacy and connection for all of her life! The beauty of relationship is the vulnerability of choosing a person to commit to. -My heart is that Bethel School of ministry would be Bethel school of purity. Which means not rah rah we’re better than you, but rather we’re just actually honest about where we are. -I can’t want you free more than you want to be free. I can’t care and love you out of a place if you won’t care and love yourself out of that place. -Nothing defines your more than the power of your own choice. -If a man knows the good he ought to do and he doesn’t do it he sins. We have a grace culture here, and I love it, but you need balance.

Bill Johnson

-Living a pure life isn't hard. I’ve never fallen off of a cliff because I don’t play near cliffs. -I’ve gone all week without robbing a bank, you know why? Because they have nothing I want. I don’t want money, I want the favor of God. If you say yes to something big enough you don’t have to worry about saying no to everything else. -The mind set on the flesh is culture against the Kingdom of God. -We set ourselves up to succeed or fail based off of what we entertain! -Some things are attractive or appealing only because we’ve been feeding the wrong thing. -Praying without ceasing and hosting the Presence is not ignoring other people or circumstances. It is being aware of the presence of God while functioning in your environment. -If our gifts are used properly they will always take us to Jesus because He is the Truth. -If I can learn to stay a novice even though I’m experienced, I’ll always stay hungry. That’s why God told us to remain childlike. -Never consider yourself to be an expert. I know some things, but what I don’t know is much more impressive. -All of God’s blessing in your life are to increase your thankfulness and your trust in Him. If blessing doesn’t increase thankfulness and trust then you’ve got a problem. -This is the only Kingdom where you get rewarded for Him doing something through you. -I don’t think in the realm of numbers or size, I focus on heaven invading my atmosphere. I’m not measuring my success my numbers, I’m measuring success by have I been impacted by the atmosphere of heaven and am I impacting those around me with that atmosphere. If He grows it that’s great, but that’s never been my focus. -We should be value driven, not response driven. If we’re driven by response then we’ll be on an emotional roller coaster. When we started this 1,000 people walked out the door and I was alright because I knew I’d done what He said. -Faithfulness and servanthood is what gives you access to intimacy. -If you only accept the assignments that you’re gifted at then you’ll never grow beyond what you already are. -The biggest setting for me to see God’s goodness in my life was in my greatest loss. When my dad died I had confusion - he died of a disease we’d seen healed, I had hurt- I missed him, I had shame- thinking I should have prayed or fasted more. I chose to be vulnerable and admit what I was feeling and still choose to celebrate God’s goodness in the midst of my loss. My worship wasn’t diminished because of my loss, it was enhanced. -You release what you are most aware of. If you’re aware of problems you release anxiety. If you’re aware of betrayal you’ll release fear. If you’re aware of Him you release peace.

Judges 20:19 Go read the passage and you'll find that God sent the Israelites out to battle knowing they'd lose. They sought His counsel again and He sent them out again. Here are some things Bill shared with us on this passage.

Many times our idea of victory is different than God's. The victory was that Israel prayed again and again and asked God for what to do even though they lost. Why would God lead you into a battle that you lose? I don’t mean moral battles, but why would He have you start a business and it fail? Why would He walk you into a very hard trial? If you are trustworthy in loss then He can trust you with more. He’s trying to shape you for the long haul and you’re looking at your immediate need.

So any of you who have suffered loss and you got up the next day and prayed for His direction then you still won the victory in His eyes. He wants to know if you'll trust Him even when it looks like failure. Will you be true because it works well or will you just be true because He’s always right. Some of us have had great setbacks or disappointments when we did what was right, maybe starting a business or moving to a city, whatever it might be, but just because it failed doesn’t mean it wasn’t God.

After class I was given an opportunity to talk to Papa Bill one on one about this last bit of his talk. I can't say enough about this man's character as he listened to me talk, grabbed me in a hug, and said as a father I want to share some things with you. As he shared with me that his thoughts he then said, he was proud of me, I simply began to cry as he just wrapped his arms around me and let me cry. There's something to say about a man in his position staying after class for over an hour to talk to various students and then to take the time to care and respond to my thoughts and life.

Be Blessed, J. Tate