My Greatest Assignment

What is your greatest assignment in life? What is the one thing that you would say, THIS... I was born for THIS!?!

The last month has been so God that honestly it still doesn't make sense in my brain. I've had the privilege of various encounters with some of my biggest heroes and some people I had never heard of who are now my biggest heroes. From simply listening to them preach, having in depth conversation, and even sitting in their living rooms, I have been rocked and shaken to my core for love, for the gospel, for Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. These people are literally changing the world for Jesus Christ through various types of ministry. They shared stories of extreme persecution, near death experiences, miracles beyond my wildest imaginations, each one leaving me hungering for more. More stories, more miracles in me and through me, more radical encounters, more Kingdom, more of Him.

After hearing story after story, meeting world changer after world changer, being led into encounter after encounter, it's hard not to just wonder, God what do you want to do through me? I've always felt blessed and honored that God has allowed me to do the things He's let me do, but in my core I'm always hungering to see more, to do more, to know Him more. To see revival in my hometown, in my nation, to see closed nations open to the gospel. To see the church walking in complete wholeness. For there to no longer be "unreached people groups". Oh my heart burns for Kingdom on earth.

{I want to make a quick side note. Coming to school has taught me that there is a great balance in working from love and working for love. Knowing that it's not about what I do that makes me valuable to Him. We don't have to "earn" His love. He just loves and loves, no matter what. He forgives and forgives. He extends mercy and grace over and over. None of that has anything to do with what we do. One assignment isn't greater than the other, from the mother to the evangelist. The teacher to the pastor. The businessman to the prophet. The person in closed nations or in developed nations. It's all about obedience}

My friend, Sarah and I were chatting on Skype (one of God's biggest blessings to the global body of Christ) discussing our desire to do more for the Kingdom. It's always funny to me listening to Sarah dream of doing more. Sarah is the trauma therapist for Iris Relief and Justice Rising. She's been to various war zones and is starting a story telling movement that is literally going to transform entire nations by teaching them to get healing through sharing their story. She's already changing the world and yet still hungers to know Him more, see more, do more. (Shout out to Sarah, also a faithful blog reader of mine lol) When we finished talking, I just wanted to start now! Do now! See more now! Revival. Salvation. Healing. Wholeness. Transformation! Once you've seen it, it just gets in your blood!

So I was just worshipping and enjoying His presence, thinking about how I want to see the globe completely transformed by the glory of God, when I asked, "What is my greatest assignment?" His response, "This".

Worship. My greatest assignment will always be the Secret Place. That place I fell in love with at 16. The place where I come running into God's arms and I find my identity. Where He lavishes His love on me and I lavish mine on Him. Where my joy is found, my peace, my intimacy, my value, where life makes sense, in His presence.

My greatest assignment will never be a sermon that I preach behind a pulpit. It won't be discipling teenagers. It's not street evangelizing or praying for the sick. It's not visiting the orphan and the widow. It's not fasting and praying for revival in my hometown and my nation. It's not sharing the gospel in the nations. It's not sneaking into closed nations with Bibles. It's not going into the war zones to release the love and peace of God. It's not leading tons of souls to the Lord. It's not going to BSSM. It's not being a wife or a mother, a teacher or a nurse. It's not even loving and stopping for the one in front of me. It's not all of the things we want to see done on the globe for His glory, for His Kingdom, so that Jesus Christ our precious Lamb that was slain, receives the reward of His suffering.

Our greatest assignment will always be to just worship Him. Spend time with Him. Minister to His heart. Build an intimate relationship with the God of the universe. Loving Him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. To be honest, I can't think of a more radical, world changing, fulfilling assignment.

Be Blessed, J. Tate