BSSM Quotes 12-2-14

Papa Bill was sharing testimonies and teaching on hearing God to follow what He's doing when we are ministering to people. There's not enough room to share all the testimonies so I'll just post some of the main points!Steve Backlund who teaches my specialization track in church leadership was teaching on renewing the mind for leadership.

PAPA BILL: "One of my favorite miracles is a finger that grew back crooked that didn’t hurt and she had full use of it. I expect Him to heal cancer, but why would He heal something that didn’t hurt and still worked? It tells us something about His character. We often think He is the Father who satisfied needs, but not wants."

If you catch onto what He’s doing then there is momentum for greater faith to see greater things.

The great joy is to be able to discern and recognize what He is saying and what He is doing. Everything is there. Everything is in what He is saying, it’s there in the Presence.

Quick obedience releases greater power. Delayed obedience drains power.

You can call out anything you want because in principle He wants them all healed, BUT when you operate in principle and not in presence you only have limited breakthrough. “I only do what the Father is doing, I only say what the Father is saying”

We have the potential to access so many things when we come into the Presence. There are a lot of things that are potentially within reach, but they are seldom reached out for. 

One person with faith can get a breakthrough. If we reduce the gospel to measure or size then we have reduced the gospel to wall street standards. The mind of Christ doesn’t think in measure. Jesus was neither impressed or unimpressed by the little boy’s lunch but he was impressed by what He had access to in the Spirit.

“I don’t feel the need or desire to convince people about what I'm going to do or what God is going to do, I know what has been spoken by Him”

We have a limited number of days on the earth. We have a limited amount of strength. We have access to unlimited resources. Most ministries spend what is limited to save what is unlimited.

When Bill’s first foster kids sat down at dinner they hoarded food and they had to teach them that food would still be around the next day. When people have an orphan spirit they fight for survival not realizing that some things come just because you are part of the family.

Jesus saw that the man had faith to be healed. Would you know what faith looked like if you saw it. Genuine faith is different than the hype we’ve been taught to recognize.

The problem of faith is turning our affections from an unseen reality to an actual seen reality. Materialism is not the accumulation of goods, it is treating the natural realm as the superior realm. What influences your thoughts and emotions is superior.

Your history in God has to be the sense by which you see problems otherwise you will be intimidated with problems. If you don’t have a history in the area of your problem then find a testimony of someone else in that area.

You violate your history with God when you choose to look at a problem through common sense instead of faith. 

We need to repent when we let what we see cancel what we HAVE seen Him do!

"Sometimes human reasoning ruins the anointing"- OUCH. Sometimes human reasoning will adopt one truth in the scripture at the expense of another.

When I’m in a meeting I try to discern what God is doing. It’s like a surfer trying to catch a wave. That is ministry in power. So what is authority? Starting the wave.


If your vision for your life isn't laughable you're probably not hearing God well enough.

85% of what people worry about actually never happens.

God didn't invent your imagination to be the devils playhouse. The imagination is supposed to be the womb of hope and faith.

Don't talk so much about the devil, talk about what you believe.

It is a weapon to laugh at lies. In the darkness of your mind lies seem real but when spoken they're laughable.

It is virtually impossible to do what you don't believe you are.

If you try to behave like you're a great leader but you don't think you're a great leader you are in disunity with yourself. We are crying out God bring unity to the body so we can have revival and God is saying you get in unity.

Faith believes you are something before you become it.

Confession is made unto something.ou should call yourself into something before you actually become it.

Every area that doesn't glisten with hope is an area we believe a lie and we are in bondage there.

If you experience freedom in your life doesn't depend on other people, it depends on what you believe.

Every area you don't have great hope, you have bad belief.

Whatever I renew my mind with I will be transformed to.

Whatever you talk about a lot you will see more of.

Sometimes we passively agree with things that limit us. Things may be true for you but that doesn't mean they are Truth.

God likes to call things by what He sees them in the future and we like to call them by their past.

Gods method for bringing things that are dead to life is by someone calling them alive while it is still dead.

What happens if a baby determines his future by his past. I don't have the gift of walking because if I did I'd be walking right now. God in His sovereignty didn't give me the gift of talking. Babies don't look at their past they look at their parents. Whatever Dad can do I can do. Look to the Father and see what you can do. You may not have raised the dead yet but it's coming.

Declare war on wrong thinking. When God says all things are possible was He serious or was He speaking metaphorically?

The future of the nation of Israel was locked up in the argument of Gideon's mind. (Fire in the hole) The angel responds MIGHTY MAN OF VALOR

Hope is the evidence that you're starting to believe Truth.

Get one church leader who actually believes who God says they are and they don't need a lot of people.

God hasn't called you to be realistic He's called you to be supernatural.

Stop being upset that you haven't gotten a prophetic word and start giving yourself some words.

We make declarations to demolish the arguments of our mind.

I don't make declarations to convince the people around me. I make them to convince me.

Many people are so afraid of being a "name it and claim it person" that they throw out the whole truth in scripture that life and death are in the power of the tongue.

Our mouth builds strongholds that block who we really are.

An apple tree doesn't have to have fruit on it to say that it's an apple tree, it just is. You don't have to have the fruit before you confess who you are in Christ.

Do not create your identity out of your past, create it out of who God says you are.

Your experience will catch up to your beliefs and the gap time is your faith.

The future of your nation is locked up in the arguments of the minds in the Christians in your nation.

Transformation comes from surrendering your heart and then your beliefs.

Be Blessed, J. Tate