Say or Pray- Testimony Week Is Coming!

Many times in life we speak when we need to be silent and we're silent when we need to speak up! This has been an issue for mankind all the way back to the time in the garden. Not speaking up has caused many major tragedies such as the Holocaust, the Rwandan Genocide, and many other great stories of injustice that history will tell our children and grandchildren about.On the flip side how man times do we speak up when in all honesty we should just keep our mouths shut? The pastor of my home church in Texas often gives the example when you're in a disagreement with someone and for some reason you think that if you just say this one statement then the whole thing will be solved, but the whole time the Holy Spirit is prodding you, "BE QUIET, DONT' SAY ANYTHING, SHHHH". Most of us have been on both ends of this problem, times we spoke when we shouldn't and times when we kept silent when we should have stepped up. A few days ago I went up to a girl and began to talk to her. Of course my ultimate goal was to love her like Jesus and lead her into an encounter with our Savior. As I made small talk and was about to bring up Jesus, I felt Holy Spirit nudge, "Don't say anything about Me, just love her". Now you have to understand, at my core I'm an evangelist. I LOVE interactions on the street like this. I love to just begin to share the Gospel invite Holy Spirit to come and watch God touch people, heal them, emotionally, physically and spiritually, BUT He said NOT TO! I debated around in my mind for a few minutes before finally choosing to be obedient and ending the conversation without ever mentioning Jesus. As I walked off, I realized, there's a time to say and there's a time to pray. I don't have a full understanding of why I wasn't to share, but He does. God knows the condition of people's hearts. He knows when they're read to receive and He knows when they're not. When it's not time to "say" it's okay, because it's always time to PRAY. Be sensitive to Holy Spirit's leadings as you interact with people. He wants to lead them into an encounter with Him in such a radical way that their lives are changed forever, but maybe you're not the one to do that. Maybe you're the one to plant a seed of love and intercession.

On the topic of saying. God has been stirring in me a larger passion for testimony. Most of you know that Bethel has a full time record keeper of all the testimonies that God does here. As Papa Bill said yesterday, we are in a time of harvest, we see more miracles in a month than he saw in the first forty years of his life. As I had been pondering the power of testimony for a few weeks, I just started recounting all the things I had seen God do in my life, through my life, in the nations, in those around me. Countless salvations, miracles, healing, deliverances, unexplainable creative miracles etc. Many of them recorded in journals, but never put together to be stewarded and remembered often. This being said next week I'm going to start a week of testimonies. I will post a blog daily with testimonies of the things God is doing and has done around the globe. I got in touch with some friends and I will be posting their written testimonies as well as some videos. I'm so excited to stir your faith and celebrate together what God is doing. If you'd like to submit a testimony please send it to me via email or Facebook messenger.

Also this upcoming week I'll be sending out my MAILOUT! I know it's been a while, but I'm thrilled to let you know what God is doing in the upcoming months and have you partnering with me in prayer and finances. To be honest 2015 is already shaping up to be the WILDEST most crazy, fun, adventurous, out of my comfort zone year. I'd be lying if I didn't say I feel a little nervous, but also beyond EXPECTANT. There will be information in the mail out about what He's been doing here, some changes taking place, some new partnerships and where He's taking me over the next few months. Below is a couple of promos and fliers for events that I will be partnering with as well! We'd love to have you at an any and all of the events, meetings, conferences, etc. that we'll be apart of this year!  If you don't already receive my mail outs please feel free to give me your address and you will receive one!

Be Blessed, J. Tate

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