United- No More Comparison

Do you realize how unique you are? How special you are? God made you strategically with specific gifts and assignments! You are so valuable! I was having dinner with a couple of my spiritual parents when my dad, began to tell me some interesting statistics about how unique we are: If you took the strengths finders test which categorizes your strengths into 34 categories. The chances of you finding someone who has their first 5 strengths in the same order as you it is around one in 3.14 billion. The chance of finding someone who has the same order as your first 10 strengths is one in 7.1 trillion. In other words statistically, THERE IS NOT one other person on the planet who has the exact same strengths, in the same level of strength, as you do. YOU. ARE. SPECIALLY. GIFTED!

When we allow the Truth of how special we are to penetrate our hearts, comparison should disappear. We don't need another Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Reinhard Bonnke, or insert whoever you find yourself trying to be... The world needs you to be you, and be the most positive, obedient, Christ-like you that you can be.

I look forward to the day of no comparison and jealousy among the body of Christ.

You will be able to go into realms of the world, carrying the light of Christ, that I will never get into. Whether you're a mother, father, teacher, secretary, evangelist, preacher, missionary, we all have different realms that we live and work in. Each of us has specific assignments in those realms. Don't compare your assignments with someone else's, simply do yours with as much faith, bravery, and Christ likeness as you can! You will be able to bring Christ into lives that your pastor will never meet, you will change atmospheres I will never walk into, you will be able to pray for healing in bodies that the "healing evangelists" will never touch!

I find that all too often when comparison creeps in, so does jealousy. Instead of rejoicing with others in their times of breakthrough, we're discouraged because we haven't had ours yet. When they get the provision they need, we're wondering where ours is. When they get that promotion or attention, we're critical.

You don't need someone else to be less successful, less powerful, less gifted, less provided for, or less networked so that you can receive those things. God is a good Father. Period. He has exactly what you need for you to accomplish exactly what He's asked you to accomplish! He doesn't have limits on what He can give out. Just because someone else got a breakthrough doesn't mean He's going to run out!!! You don't need to focus on so and so over there and their gifts, their talents, their income, their connections, their miracles, their breakthroughs, just be faithful, just be you.

Dive into the Secret Place and be Presence focused. God isn't moved by what we do in public near as much as what we do in secret. How you pursue Him behind closed doors will give room for Him to move in your circumstances openly.

As a body we celebrate and rejoice in the success and provision for those around us knowing that ultimately we are ONE. Your success, your breakthrough, is mine and vice versa! When you win. I win. When I win. You win! We're in this together, we are family. In fact, as I celebrate you and your breakthroughs I pave the way for mine to come!

Recently my friend wrote a blog where she discussed the power in multiples. She said this, "I have heard that one person can pull 100 pounds but 2 together can pull 300 pounds. There’s something about synergizing that multiplies the impact. I wonder what would happen if 3 people came together. Could they pull 500 pounds? Jesus talks about how if 2 or more met to pray, He would hear them. What would happen if 3 people aligned to pray?" (http://silvertogold.com/blog/)


In the last year I learned more than ever how much we need community. Whether God has me in war zones or in the states, in school or in a job, in a home or in a hut, we need each other. To accomplish all that I'm supposed to accomplish I need help. To do all your called to do, you need help. We must stop seeing each other as competition and start seeing each other as family. Our greatest desire simply to be the gospel spread and Jesus glorified throughout the earth.

"The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one. I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me." (John 17:22-23)

Jesus deserves the answer to His prayer. His desire was for us to be perfectly one.

Be Blessed, J. Tate

PRAYER REQUESTS: -Finishing up preparing for my trip to the Philippines. Ministering in churches and working with girls rescued out of human trafficking. We're using a curriculum that has been offered for me to use in other nations as well. I'M BEYOND THRILLED. To partner with me please click this link to make a tax deductible donation:  https://trips.ibethel.org/transactions/new/7775 -Working on "Steward the Testimony" has become beyond what I could imagine. It started from God waking me up one night to teach me about being a steward and now has launched into a project beyond my imagination. We have editors, web designers, a film crew, and lots of awesome Bethel leadership getting on board. Please continue to pray for His direction as we prepare to launch soon! What a remarkable journey it has been! -Trying to finalize plans for the summer and there's about 8 nations on the table as options. Some invitations to come speak in churches, some to work with victims of trauma, some to travel with mentors and some to lead my own teams, some new nations and some old. Honestly, I wish I could do it ALL, but I want to make sure I follow His leading.