Filipino Testimonies

God definitely did such a magnificent work in the Philippines. As our team came back together, for hour upon hour we shared of the things we saw God do throughout that nation.Honestly it reminded me of our leaders at Bethel. When they have staff meetings they tell testimonies of what God has been doing for two hours before they ever do "business". The reality is that as long as we continue to glorify God for what He has done and is doing, He'll continue to do it and more, the moment we start to take praise for it or we try to "plan" it ourselves, we'll plan it to death. Without Him inspiring it, without Him moving, without Him healing, without Him saving, we stop partnering with God and we start striving for results.

I want to take a few minutes to share some of my favorite stories. Of course these won't all be my own personal stories because God did some AWESOME things through other members of our team.

The first one was at an outreach we did outside of the city. We had hundreds and hundreds of people there as we were offering free medical care, balloons and face painting for kids, dental work, optometry, free hair cuts, and our team was going around praying for people. My friends went up to a man and asked if she would pray for him. He said that he was a muslim and refused prayer. She then gave him a word of knowledge asking if he had back pain, the man said yes, taken off guard by how she knew, he allowed her to pray. ALL OF HIS PAIN WENT AWAY AND THEN HE RECEIVED JESUS!!!

On our day off I was walking around with my friend Christian. We saw a woman with a wrist brace and went up to her and asked if she wanted prayer. She agreed. We asked how much pain she was in. She said a level 10! That it hurt so bad she couldn't move it at all. We began to pray for her and while we were praying without saying a word, she takes off the wrist brace and starts moving her hand around!

My friend Jesse and her team went to an unreached village out of town. While there, they preached the gospel and the entire village accepted Christ!!! While praying for people a girl came up to Jesse who had previously had a broken leg. As the bone healed it healed crooked leaving her with a deformed leg, lots of pain, and unable to walk on it correctly. Jesse prayed and wasn't seeing anything happen. The girl's leg was extremely sensitive to touch. Jess asked her translator to pray. He knelt down and began to rub his hand along her leg as he prayed. Before their eyes the bone popped back into place, the girl started crying, and walking normally!! COMPLETELY HEALED, NO PAIN. ***I also want to make a special note that the team received notice about a week later from this village. They normally catch fish there about 10-15lbs. After the village got saved  they were catching fish between 75-100lbs. The government heard about it and is coming in to find out how they are doing what they are doing! They asked what changed in the last week and the only response the village had, was THEY ALL RECEIVED JESUS!

After a church service my team and I were preaching and prophesying. One little boy came up to me with pain in his wrist. He was so young (maybe 6 or 7) that just seeing how much pain he was in caused me to be moved with overwhelming compassion. Tears just welled up in my eyes as I asked him how much pain he was in. Around 8 he said. After prayer he was completely healed. In the same service we saw many healings that I was in awe of, but I always LOVE when God asks us to do something creatively. A guy came up with extreme pain in his heel. He said if you even touch it, it hurts very badly. Pain level 10! As I prayed nothing happened, so I asked God, is there something you want us to do? He said hit the back of his heel. OH JESUS! The guy had just told me if I even tough it, he was in an extreme pain, but I've learned enough this year to know when God says something... just do it. I reached my hand around the back of his heel and gave it two good smacks then slightly looked up afraid of what his face would show. He had a BIG SMILE and he began going up and down on his feet, he said "it's gone its gone! NO PAIN!"

At a church service one of my friends actually used a piece of art to lay against a deaf man's ear and his ear immediately opened up!

My friend Julianne's team was supposed to go door to door in a village, but felt God leading them to do something different. They stepped into the local church (it was empty) and just began to worship. Within about 30 minutes almost the entire village had shown up at the door of the church HUNGRY for the things of God. People were saved and EVERYONE that was prayed for got healed!

Honestly I was in awe of seeing these words repetitively in testimonies. And "EVERYONE" got healed, and they were "ALL" saved, and "IMMEDIATELY" he/she could hear or see. Those are the words we see in the Bible. That is how we know Jesus did things. There are so many other incredible testimonies of prophecy, healing, salvation, and deliverance.

The thing I want to impart to you is that this is how the Kingdom advances. Christians GO as God leads them and He simply flows through them. Of course we see this in excess when many of us GO together with one mind and one purpose. But this is something we also see on a daily basis. It is not unusual for us to see salvations, healings, deliverances when we're out on the streets, when we're in the grocery stores, when we're off on vacation, when we're taking road trips, or when we're on the beach. One of the greatest things I've learned this year is that God doesn't have two realms like we do. We have "natural" and "supernatural" but God only has one realm...His is just "natural" and that realm constantly does miracles. I don't have to check myself in and out of "ministry" or flowing in the supernatural. It's perfectly okay to prophesy and pray over your waitress at dinner, your checker at the local store, your kids, your spouse, your friends. It's okay to have hang out times at your house where everyone comes to worship and prophesy over each other. It's okay on vacation to stop and simply bless someone with a prophetic word, a prayer for healing, share Jesus with them.

When you are completely yielded to Holy Spirit you will see the supernatural on a daily basis. It may appear in various ways like unconditional love, beyond your years wisdom, healings, salvations, demons casted out, supernatural health, unexplainable strategy, dreams beyond your wildest imagination, and so much more we haven't even began to tap into yet. One of my greatest desires is simply to learn to be more yielded, more consumed, more possessed by Him.

***On a side note, if you haven't heard yet, I will be deactivating my Facebook next week, but will still be updating through this blog, instagram, and also my email updates. A complete itinerary for the next few months will be coming out soon. I will be ministering in several churches around the states as well as some internationally! A project that has been growing in my heart for a YEAR, will be coming this summer as I take a team to two different conflict zones! We are in need of partners in prayer, finances, and some practical resources! If you are interested in helping in any of these ways, please get in contact with me!!***

Be Blessed, IMG_6951