Proud Fathers (Goodbye Orphan spirit)

"It's a powerful thing when your father says he's proud of you. - Justyn Semensow" We were standing very still after a powerful moment of worship. My friend Justyn goes up and takes the mic and says, it's a powerful thing when your Father says He's proud of you. Immediately I heard the whisper of Holy Spirit, "I'm so proud of you Jessika"... Of course the hot tears just slowly began to stream as He once again reached and touched my heart in a way that nothing and no one else can. Just a few days later, one of my spiritual fathers sent me a short message and a video of him giving me a Fathers blessing. I was moved to tears, just feeling so loved, so valued, so cared for. I remember every. single. time. my natural father has said he's proud of me and the waterfall that came from my eyes afterward. I remember the short notes, cards, and words of affirmation from other spiritual fathers and mothers as they have loved, encouraged, and inspired me so well. God created us for family. A family that loves and encourages, supports and disciplines. Their love is 1 Corinthians 13 love, always believing the best, always enduring through the hard times, patient, kind, and unending in mercy. Many people these days have not had examples of family like this, but rather have had quite the opposite. Perhaps you've had parents that didn't know how to say those simple phrases, I love you, I'm proud of you, You're valued, you're wanted, etc. Perhaps they didn't know how to grab you in their arms and squeeze you tight, to hold you when you were hurting, and to cheer for you when you were succeeding. Maybe they were afraid of your failures and didn't know how to gently correct from a place of love. Perhaps you had a parent, spouse, family member, or friend who has abused you, belittled you, rejected you, walked out on you, and didn't know how to love unconditionally... I'm sure we've all had some not so great examples of Godly relationships, but there is a 1 Cor 13 love model that Jesus set up in the Word. An example of family that would transform the globe.

It is Gods model.

That is why God created the beauty of adoption, chosen, wanted, picked. That is why we have spiritual family, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. These are the ones who may not be blood but remember what is born of the Spirit is as strong as blood. We need a generation of true fathers, true mothers, true siblings both spiritual and natural. We need unconditional love and encouragement!!! When a Father speaks over you, it becomes your identity. Who the Father says you are is who you are!! What our parents say over us, and what we say over our kids is IMPORTANT!

These fathers and mothers are examples of our Father. How His love is unconditional, His heart is for us ALWAYS, He never turns His back, He never leaves and never forsakes, He disciplines while always believing the best, HE IS PROUD OF YOU and He is a good good father.

It has been stirring in me more and more that we must obliterate the orphan spirit! We must take the charge to be the Godly fathers and mothers that the world is looking for. We must show them what Kingdom family looks like! I'm excited for what God is doing in this generation as He uses family to show us His heart! This was what I posted on Facebook a week ago: The orphan spirit feels the need to compete and compare with others. The orphans spirit is jealous and derogatory when others are blessed and promoted. The orphan spirit is afraid to do what God has called you to do because of finances and other "perceived" limitations. The orphan spirit feels the need to fight for what has been freely given. The orphan spirit QUENCHES Holy Spirit's move in your life and in your ministry.   Break ties with the orphan spirit in your life and walk into total sonship! The FAMILY of God has no orphans.

Be Blessed, J. Tate