Beautiful.. In His Time

Yesterday I received the text messages and phone calls from my home town that you never want to receive.A lady that is near and dear to many of our hearts was in a car accident and died. For one moment I just want to point out how incredible this woman was. I watched her pull in the hurting and the broken, reach out to the lost and the confused. I haven't been on a single mission trip since I met her, that she didn't support financially and I have countless cards filled with lines of her encouragement. This woman loved like Jesus loved.

As I chatted with her spiritual daughter last night my tears began to flow and I felt the tender Holy Spirit come around and comfort my heart and begin to speak to me. I couldn't help but think about something Marilyn Hickey had taught on earlier that day.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in His time.

A verse I've ran to often when I didn't understand things. When I needed to cry instead of laugh. When I felt hurt. When I was waiting for things to be made beautiful. When I was waiting for Him to make my mess beautiful. I was waiting... Waiting in the hope that one day... maybe soon, maybe later He'd make it beautiful.

Yesterday Marilyn said there are 26 seasons of life we can find in Ecclesiastes. Then she asked is there any time that is not "God's time?" All time is His time. So as only an 83 year oldĀ can do, she politely told us we teach this verse wrong. We're not waiting for God to pick a time to make something beautiful. All of time is God's time. "In His Time", whatever season it is, is His time. He is the author of time and therefore it is His and so He wants it to be beautiful.

You could phrase the verse this way... "All things in God's time have been made beautiful"

As she shared this with us and as I later learned of the tragedy of losing our friend, my heart was comforted. Even in your pain, in your tears, in your struggles, in your failures, God calls this time beautiful. You're not waiting for this "season" to be over so that God can call it beautiful.

He. Has. MADE. EVERYTHING. Beautiful.

There are seasons that don't look beautiful to us. Seasons where we feel extreme pain. Seasons where we feel like a failure. Seasons that look hopeless. BUT. No matter what season your in, it's in His time, and He makes it beautiful. Rest assured that your tears are not a problem He's trying to fix as you mourn. He calls them beautiful. He cares so much for you that the Bible says He counts them all.

Be at peace today. Choose hope. Choose His Word over what you feel. This season... right now... whether it looks beautiful or not... He has made it beautiful.

Be Blessed. J. Tate