Words of Life

"Everyone loves Proverbs, no one WANTS to be stupid""I love lost people and lost people love me, they chase me down to get saved" "God doesn't know what's impossible, He told me to go into a country that the governmental leaders told me I was not allowed into, but you know what.... I got in.... twice" "I believe revival is going to sweep the islamic terrorist groups" -Marilyn Hickey

Sometimes you cross paths with someone and they just make an impact. Maybe it's something they did, maybe it's something they said, maybe it's just the absolute presence they carry in the room. For me, Marilyn Hickey, has become one of those people. Who knows it could have been the awesome teaching, it could be her fearless efforts to win the lost at 83 years old, it could be her witty comments, or the way she captivated the whole room, but my guess it was about the time she stood in front of our entire class pulled her Bible close to her chest and said, "People ask me all the time how I'm able to do the things I do and I tell them very simply, I've spent my life studying the Word of God and it is not just a book, it is Spirit and it is LIFE"

At 83 years old she's not slowing down, she's not looking for retirement, she's seeking how to do more. I don't know about you, but when I see people like that, I flock to them. I run around them and with big puppy dog eyes (LOL) say... "teach me".

I had a radical encounter with God at sixteen years old and was involved in a Baptist church in small town Texas. I thank God for that church and I thank God for the leaders and pastors that mentored me at that time. I'd come weekly maybe even daily with questions about the Word. Why this... why that? Doesn't that contradict each other? I'd say to him the Bible says "....." and his response was always the same... "Where does it say that?", find it, study it, then come back and I'll talk to you about it.

I was forever challenged to be in the Book, memorize the book, study the book. Dig, dig, and dig into the depth of the Word of God. Oh I wouldn't trade a million dollars for those first few years of being saved. I was like a child in a candy shop every time I opened the Word. In awe of the stories I found there. In awe of this God that seemed so deep,so big, so wise beyond my understanding, and yet would come and meet with me and feel so real, so tangible, so loving. I'd call my best friend at the time, nearly falling out of my chair, as stories of David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lion's den, and others rocked my little world in awe of the power of God.

In those years I read through the Bible like it was GOLD. It developed in me a foundation that stands and builds to this day. A foundation that says, in this Word I find who He is and no matter what the world looks like around me, this is who He is. In later days I learned, it didn't just teach me who He is, it taught me who I AM! And that began a whole new journey on what He paid for on that cross, and what that meant for me.

The Word of God is a firm foundation. Christ, cornerstone, Word made flesh. When you hold that "book" in your hands you hold a power stronger than what your eyes can see. It's not a book to be read, it's alive, when the Spirit breathes on it, the very words scream and jump off the page into your situation. God is faithful to the promises you find in this Word. He never contradicts His Word. In this book you find LIFE.

My only encouragement for today is read the Word. Search out what you need for your heart, for your situation, for your family, for your job, for your life. There is NOTHING of this world, that you can't find help from in the Word! As Papa Bill says, JUST READ IT. Even if it's one scripture a day, one chapter a day, grab onto, study it, tear into it, read it over and over.

Be Blessed, J. Tate