Choosing Fulfillment

Fulfillment for so many people is elusive. They live their day to lives thinking that once I get this job, once we can buy this house, once I get married, once my kids graduate, once we have this much in savings... then I will feel "whole", then I will be fulfilled. Or worse they get into the "if's"... If this would have happened this way, if I had that person's talent, if I had that person's spouse, if I had that person's job, if this wouldn't have happened to me then maybe I would be happy.

Fulfillment is an inside job.

It is not your external experiences responsibility to fulfill you and all to often people find the thing they thought would "fulfill" them, didn't, then they have to begin searching for the next thing they hope will do the trick. I've talked to so many people who thought "once I get married" then I'll be happy and it didn't do it, because it is not a person's job to fulfill you. I've talked to others who thought this "income" would do it, but money doesn't buy happiness. I've talked to people in ministry who thought once I become a pastor or once I am invited to speak here or there, once I get this title, and much to their dismay, it didn't do it.

The truth is that fulfillment comes from knowing your Father. The more I know Him, the more He tells me who I am, the more fulfilled I am, and the less concern I have about any of my external situations. It's why Paul could sit in a prison and sing praises. It's why Jesus could endure the cross without complaint. It's why neither the highs nor the lows have an impact on how fulfilled I am. It's why the praises of men can't fulfill me and their cut downs can't discourage me.

I honestly cannot think of a location that God has sent me that I haven't felt fulfilled. When I was in college, when I was on the mission field, when I moved back to my hometown to teach and coach, as I youth pastored, as I started a ministry, behind pulpits speaking to large crowds or small ones, as I haven't had showers or running water on missions trips, as I slept with rats in war zones, as I moved to California and on and on...When I've been hurt, mistreated, lied about, rejected, and when I've been praised, honored, and congratulated. I've always found myself fulfilled saying my favorite thing to God... "I love my life".

It does not mean life is perfect.  I'm not saying there isn't times that I struggled with it, and times that it was a fight, but in the end God always came back rushing in and reminded me Who and what is my anchor.

"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil (Hebrews 6:19"

When Jesus is your anchor, the storms do not move your boat. Life will have seasons of success and promotion, it will have seasons of trials, heartache, failure, and pain, but through it all, if your hope is in the anchor that never changes, who is always faithful, who never leaves, then you will remain firm through it all.

Be Blessed, J. Tate

We are hopefully finalizing the summer schedule THIS WEEK. To give you a quick snapshot of dates. I will return to Texas the first week of May to be with family, spiritual family, and my awesome community back home. There are some potential speaking engagements in and around Texas/Louisiana that I will let you know about soon, so that if you're in the area you can come! Depending on those dates I will potentially be in that area for 2-4 wks! I've been asked to join a team and speak at a women's conference in Brazil the first and second week of June and I am seeking the Lord to confirm that! At the end of June I will be heading to Africa for a couple of speaking engagements, time/rest with friends, and then meeting up with my team to do some work in conflict zones. We will be in S. Sudan/Uganda and DR-Congo. With all of this there is potential to join a Bethel speaker for a few things in the UK as well as possibly make a trip to work with a couple of missionaries that are Bethel graduates in Slovakia. God is doing so much and growing so much in my heart and as always I want to thank you for your continual support. If you are interested in partnering with the work in conflict zones this summer we could use some support for the team, for our project, and some needed resources. There are numerous ways to give as well as take a look at our tank tops and t-shirts for sale!!