You Won't Let Go

"You Won't Let Go, You Won't Let Go, You Won't Let Go, of my hand" -Cory Asbury The music was playing in the background as I had my study "assortment" out before me. Bible, other Bible, iPad with various translations, highlighters, pens, notepads, the whole lot and of course coffee at my hand. As the music continued on the urge came, "just get up and dance with Me." Come on a journey with me...

"Oooooh You won't let go... you won't let go... in every season of my life Lord, I will respond with worship, through every testing and every trial I will respond with love for You" 

I sat through a meeting the other night of hours of information of what's really going on in a particular "closed" nation from two people that have been there first hand. Among other mass atrocities, they are particularly pointing out the Christians. Young children are instructed in school, go home, look for a little black book on your parents bookshelf, in their rooms, anywhere you've seen them hide things, and if you find it bring it to us. If a Bible is found in the home, the entire family for three generations is sent to a concentration camp. Yes, this is happening right now. It was just a few weeks ago that I was able to hear  some stories from the ground of what is going on in a particular nation in the middle east and it is some of the worst violation of human rights I've ever heard of targeted at Christians and non-Christians alike. There is actual persecution going on against the body of Christ in other nations. Persecution that looks like torture, unimaginable slaughter, and massacre. I pray and I pray for the saints around the world, for an end to war, for stop to all injustice, for our missionaries, for my friends going to the darkest places, for the pain to stop.

"You care about our stories, You care about our hearts, You're right beside us holding our hands, because You're a good good Father... and I've come to know it God" 

I was growing in excitement about various opportunities that had presented themselves for this summer when God began to stir a discomfort in me.  Some of these things I had prophesied over me years ago and they were coming into fruition, but I kept feeling His gentle nudge. The more I kept on with the planning the more something didn't feel quite right. Then that simple voice that says, "Trust me". Hand it all over to Him, in a season that felt like dreams coming true, to do something entirely different. It seemed ludicrous.

"I believe God, You won't let go, You won't let go, You won't let go" 

it wasn't long before His reasoning started coming into view. Phone calls from this place and that place. The ones you don't want to receive. Death, sickness, persecution, strife, division, injustice, hopelessness. The enemy at work in the lives of some of my dearest friends and spiritual family. It wasn't just one, it wasn't just two, not even just three... Even seeing the enemy's futile attempts to stop revival here in Redding among our Family, seeing his attempts in Texas, in the nations... Those times when you wish you could be in multiple places at one time to hold the hands of those you love, but instead you dive into the prayer closet beseeching the One who can do all things.

"Yeah, You're still right there... You're still right there... You never leave, You're knocking on our door" 

I was on the mountain with Him when the gentle breeze swept over me and I remembered one of the most important Truths of my life. He never leaves us and He never forsakes us. Though we might not see Him at work in these nations of extreme persecution, of war, of injustice, oh He is indeed moving and I could tell you incredible stories of breakthrough, next to the grievous stories of persecution. Though your heart may hurt, healing WILL come. Though you may be in the fiery trial, your faith will be proved as gold. Though it may feel hopeless, no situation is hopeless in Him, He will turn it around for you. Though you may feel alone, He is ever present, He is near. Though you may feel targeted by man, remember you don't wrestle with flesh and blood, and the Lord will DEFEND YOU! Though you may be in a battle, my God fights for you!

And He says to us, "Just don't let go, Just don't let go, Just don't let go" 

My friends, my family. Just don't let go. You will come out on top. Just hold fast to your faith. Doing all you know to stand, just stand. Rest in Him. Rest in the fact that HE. IS. GOOD. Rest knowing that He has not left. Every attack the enemy has made against you, your family, your friends, the body of Christ, he will REGRET it. Because God will turn every situation around. The very thing the enemy thought was going to kill you, will actually give you greater authority to minister to others. Don't quit. Don't let go. Every mountain you conquer you gain authority over, the ones we try to squirm around, just come back again. DON'T GIVE UP. He is a faithful God. BREAKTHROUGH IS COMING! Everything we lay down for Him, is paid back immeasurably more. HE IS A GOOD FATHER.

Be Blessed, J. Tate