"Charlie Charlie" is the Church's Fault

charlie Well here I am, at it again. Picking up a trending topic and feeling the urge to put in my blogging two cents, and there’s the slight chance I might get some backlash for this one. Blame it on a good friend of mine, who teaches eight grade, and felt the need to ask my opinion on the subject, very well knowing it would stir me to write. I had seen the tweets, instagrams, and facebook status about the “charlie charlie” game. I had discussed it with some of the kids who choose to call me a spiritual “mom” or mentor in their life. Then honestly I figured it would come and go in 24 hours or less, unfortunately that hasn’t been the case.

I can’t stop your kid or anyone else’s from playing with the demonic realm through a simple blog post or a “just don’t do it” lecture. I might be of some assistance If you want to send them with me on my next trip to the African bush to experience the demonic first hand. I will even make a little bargain with you, if your kid comes home ready to give up “Charlie Charlie” and any/all other demonic activity for the rest of their life, you can donate some funds to help me build another school for the kids who don’t get the luxury of leaving their village like I do. The village that all too often has a neighborhood witch doctor practicing his own variations of witch craft with demonic power. The same village that endures raid after raid from rebel soldiers that all too often are locked in their own virtual prison by the demonic realm. If these experiences don’t get rid of their desire to “play” with the demonic, I’ll foot the bill for their plane ticket. (But seriously contact me and help us build schools)

Putting my overly opinionated thoughts aside for how to handle the situation with your own child or in your own family, as usual my focus turns toward what I believe should be the trend setting momentum in our society… the Church. My personal opinion on many of the “issues” of our day is that if the Church was operating in the fullness of who we were created to be, perhaps we’d have an answer for these things when they pop up or even better, they wouldn’t pop up with such prevalence in the first place.

The question is NOT why are kids playing this game and calling upon demonic forces. That answer is simple. Human kind is built with an innate desire for the supernatural. We crave in our being to be fascinated by a Power that is all together bigger than us. It is not shocking to me when the church demonstrates no power that the culture begins looking for it elsewhere. 

I read the stories of the Old Testament and a God who split the ocean for the Israeltes to walk right through. I read of Elijah who called upon the God of the universe and He engulfed a sacrifice that was covered in water. I read of Jesus who causes the horrendous skin disease of leprosy to clear right up. The same Jesus who caused the demons to shrill, plead for mercy, and flee, the very same demonic realm that “charlie charlie” wants a sign from. I read of Peter who simply walked from one place to another and people were healed on the street. I read of Paul who was such a long winded preacher that a young boy fell asleep, fell out a window, died, and yet Paul raised him from the dead. I read of food multiplying, visions, raising from the dead, healing, and unexplainable miracles. When the church walks in that type of power, the people won’t crave an encounter from any other spiritual realm.

I see a God of power who decided to demonstrate His power through men. Paul says, “and my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom, but in DEMONSTRATION of the Spirit and of POWER” (1 COR. 2:4) “Then God added his witness to theirs. He validated their ministry with signs, astonishing wonders, all kinds of powerful miracles, and by the gifts of the Holy Spirit…” (Heb. 2:4 TPT)

You see when the church does not RE-present Jesus in the earth, then mankind and even creation cries out for what it is lacking. Look around you. They’re crying out for unconditional acceptance that takes a woman full of sin and says, "Who will cast the first stone". A type of love so relentless that doesn't give up on them even in their faults. They’re looking for REAL love, the kind where Jesus said turn them the other cheek to slap also. Or if you're at the alter and you remember someone has something AGAINST YOU go be reconciled, not just if you have something against them! They’re begging for an encounter with the Kingdom we preach, but rarely demonstrate. That supernatural realm that proves to them that there actually is Someone out there that is bigger than themselves. Not only just bigger than them, but this One happens to love them, know them, care for them, want them. He's more powerful than any storm of life or demon in hell. If the church won’t give them an encounter with the One True God, His Power and His Ways, then they’ll gladly look for it from whoever will give it to them.

I by no means believe the church started the “Charlie Charlie” foolishness, but I certainly believe we haven’t done our part to prevent it. My God is stronger than any demon in hell and that very same God lives inside of me. If those around me are crying out for love, for the supernatural, for help, for peace, for joy… I willingly admit that I should reevaluate how much I’m demonstrating the Kingdom that I say I belong to.

Be Blessed, J. Tate jatmissions@gmail.com