7 Days Back to the Basics

God is moving. Something is stirring. And it's BIG. I can't explain what has occurred in my heart over the last month, but I can give you some circumstances.

The last two Sunday nights at Bethel church have left me utterly undone. The Holy Spirit has come in a mighty way as we've just made time to fall on our faces and cry out for more. Many demonstrations of the Holy Spirit have accompanied including hundreds of healings. Papa Bill said through tears, "I see more in a week than I thought I'd see in a lifetime and I'm so thankful, but God is doing something right now and I am hungrier than I've ever been in my life". He told the congregation a couple of days ago that we'd have services that pour over into the next day. He is preparing us for the outpouring.

You may not read the latest "Christian news" but recently our school, our church, and our leadership endured a heavy demonic attack. As always, when Christians rise up from the ashes of persecution God pours out His Spirit in even greater measure. So what does that look like?

A few weeks ago God told me to go back and read the gospels over and over. Pay close attention to the words of Jesus. I'm reading the words of my Savior and my heart is being recalibrate to remember what this God I serve is truly like. Sadly I don't quite look like Him yet and I don't think the global church is quite the unified spotless bride He paid for. As I've read His words over and over a hunger has grown inside of me. I was supposed to leave on June 4th to head to London and start my summer travels until August. A check grew in my Spirit every time I sat down to plan and a drawing into the Secret Place was stronger than I've ever felt probably in my entire life. I put everything on hold to go sit at His feet. What is God doing?

I believe this isn't just Redding that He's preparing for the outpouring. I believe it isn't just Bethel. I believe He's recapturing our attention. I believe He's testing our hearts. I'm not reading the Word to get another sermon, I'm looking for an encounter with the One I love. I'm not talking with that man in the wheel chair because I need another testimony, in fact I'm less concerned with his legs and more concerned with His heart. I'm not praying simply to get answers, I'm praying to get to know His heart.

I'm going to spend the next seven days still pouring over the Gospels and writing to bring us back to the basics of our faith. Back to why we got in this thing to begin with. Why we are the way we are and why we do what we do.

It's time for the dam of His Spirit to break forth over our nation and the globe. Will we still have our lamps burning?

Be Blessed, J. Tate