Day 1 Basically It's JESUS

As I stated in my last blog, God is doing something massive across the globe.We're seeing more salvations, more miracles, more healing... the testimonies are coming in mass. And yet inside, something tender is happening. Something beautiful. Something raw. Something vulnerable. Something real. God is recapturing the heart of His people and reminding them of just who He is. Bill recently said, "Anything you can't find in the person of Jesus you have a right to question" In Jesus we see a picture of the Father's heart. He came to save the world not to destroy it. Every miracle Jesus did was redemptive in nature, it was to fix what the curse had stolen. It wasn't to draw attention to Himself. He looked on people with eyes of compassion, mercy, and grace. He exhorted us to turn the other cheek, love our enemies, even BLESS our enemies. He told us that LOVE and UNITY would be our identifying characteristics. This guy by the name of Jesus came and TURNED UPSIDE DOWN the theology and religious way of doing things and honestly He's still doing it today. As I read and reread the gospels I'm reminded just how counter cultural He is and how far I have to go to be like Him.

The God of the universe made Himself vulnerable when He sent Jesus to come to the earth and then He demonstrated vulnerability even greater when He decided to place the fulness of the godhead bodily inside imperfect vessels like you and me.

God was willing to be crucified and inhabit humanity, so that He could have close relationship with His Creation. Sometimes we're not even willing to call someone back to be there for them in a time of need, much less lay our lives down and make a sacrifice.

Jesus captured my heart at 16 years old. He turned my world upside down. Everything I was living for became rubbish and I had new priorities, new friends, new focus. All the things I wanted out of life and all the things I had accomplished suddenly became insignificant. I had a new purpose and a new mission. Here I am 27 years old and in some ways He's doing that all over again. My theology and way of thinking was severely challenged at school this year and as I pour over the words of Jesus it's being even more challenged.

More than anything, I'm remembering what got me in this journey in the first place. I was a sinner. I was a mess. I was using alcohol and guys to fulfill some deep longing in my heart for unconditional love. I was trying to find out who I was in a really big world. I felt pain, I felt broken, but on the outside honestly I was the "fun" kid, the athlete, had tons of friends, and honestly had no reason to feel so much inner turmoil. I needed Jesus and He showed up. He wasn't upset that I was a mess. He wasn't even demanding me to get on a behavioral control program. He met me where I was. He patiently guided me. He overwhelmed me with His goodness, His love, and His mercy.

When Jesus preached the most offensive sermon of His life tons of people left, but the disciples stayed. They couldn't leave the One who had captivated their hearts. I remember overwhelmingly knowing how they felt. I remember when no matter what life threw at me, I had joy, because I had a love that was beyond comprehension. Do we remember the joy of our salvation? Are we still in awe of the gospel?

Jesus Christ. Son of God. He left perfect heaven to come to this earth. He willingly offered His life. He endured hardship, persecution, rejection, pain, all for me. For you. For imperfect humans. We'd transgressed His law over and over and over and yet He wanted us. A Holy God wants sinners? It still doesn't make sense. I'm in awe. He then calls us family. He calls us friends. He even comes and inhabits us. The Gospel is mind blowing.

Take a few minutes today and just think about the Gospel. Reflect on jesus. Reflect on when you got saved. Wow... Jesus.

Be Blessed, J. Tate