"This Is Taking Forever"

If you receive my email updates you've heard about the incredible summer I just had, so I'll spare you the details. With over 20 flights to 8 different nations and so much Jesus, my heart is very full.As I reflect on it, I'm just reminded of how faithful God is. In March 2015 He told me I was entering a season of making the enemy pay for everything He'd stolen, and boy it has been that. A summer of returning to Congo, sweet friendships, job offers, miracles, and just reminding me of the goodness of God. On the flip side it's been a time of tremendous growth. How many of you know growth often doesn't come without trial?

I was in the airport in Texas waiting patiently like everyone else for our luggage that was taking a little longer than normal. After a few minutes the sweet little girl in front of me, grabs on to her mom's shirt and says, "Mommy this is taking FOREVER!". Her Mom responds gently, "Honey I know it's taking a while, but we just have to wait, we need our luggage.".

Immediately Holy Spirit began to speak to me about this scenario.

How many of you have ever had to wait for something? All of us love the breakthrough that crashes through in an instant, we love instant healing, instant revelation, instant situation change, but let's be honest life just isn't always like that. I've been walking through a particular journey now for almost a year. Over this year I've been praying to see God move in this situation. I've prayed, I've fasted, I've given, I've cried, I've declared, I've danced, I've laughed,  I've loved and loved, I've forgiven and loved, I've sought counsel, I've done prophetic declarations, I've done all I know to do. I just keep leaning into the Father and handing it over to Him, and leaning in and handing it over. Every once in a while I'll be faced with the situation and I'll just pray and pray and pray and declare the Word, praying that this time will be the time of breakthrough. Sometimes it seems the situation is heading in a Godly direction and then sometimes it feels like I'm all the way back at square one having taken no ground back from the enemy. I've become more and more aware of the way the enemy works because of this situation and boy that's not a fun thing!

To be honest, after a year and feeling like it's in the worse spot it's ever been, I felt like that little girl. "DADDY THIS IS TAKING FOREVER". Ironically He sounded much like that Mom. Sweetie, just wait, I have more to give you through this.

GIVE ME? You mean run my heart through the ringer? Where is the giving in this?

I sat back and I realized how much I have changed because of this trial and how much I have gained. Besides incredible relationships that developed as I sought counsel, my character has changed, my heart has changed, and I was healed of areas that I didn't even realize were broken. Boy, have I learned patience beyond what I knew possible. I learned to love in a way so much deeper than I knew I had capacity for. I learned that even when I was rejected, misunderstood, or even slandered I could still choose to love. I learned to NEVER choose offense. I learned more of God's heart for His bride to be in unity. I learned how to forgive quickly. I learned how to grow my faith. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone. I learned how to go full speed ahead with what God was doing in my life despite areas that I might not be seeing the breakthrough I wanted yet. I learned that other people's actions don't have to affect my own. I learned that at the end of the day I just want to put my head on the pillow and say I loved really well that day. I learned that actually other peoples choices are reflections of them, and not me.

Wow. He's given me so much through this trial and He even has more to give me? Your trials are invitations. Your trials invite you into the heart of the Father. Through struggle, opposition, rejection, persecution, you name it, you have an invitation to know more of His nature. I'm not saying to sit in your trial and sleep with the frogs, but I'm saying don't get discouraged if it takes longer than you think to get out of it, He has a plan for you.

Christine Caine said the other day, Most people don't want to embrace the pain of recovery so instead they walk with a limp their whole lives. Don't be one of these people. Walk straight up to your pain, walk straight up to your failure, don't flee from it, embrace it. In vulnerability comes healing. When we look at our pain for what it is and bring it to the Healer, then He will heal us. It's when we try to hide it behind a mask that it festers. Don't walk with a limp, walk in wholeness and freedom. Allow God to complete that perfect work in you through patience as He works on your behalf.

Be Blessed, J. Tate