Delayed Consequences

A couple of days ago I had a meeting planned that got cancelled last minute. I was already in my car heading there, so being hungry of course I decided to just get something while I as out. I had a friend with me that I wanted to catch up with a little bit so we decided to grab some pizza since it would be quick and easy. As we were driving toward the place I said out loud, “Well it’s not healthy, but it’ll tastes good”.Overall I’m a pretty healthy eater and I rarely like very rarely ever eat pizza. After having some delicious pizza I headed home for the night and all was well… for a while. Then I felt it. My stomach was making weird noises. It was feeling not right. It was two a.m and all I wanted to do was stay in bed, but the conditions of my digestive system forced me to the restroom.

I know, I know. Too much information. The reality was as I sat on the toilet, I felt the need to repent. I had a moment before we ate pizza where Truth tried to speak to me. “It’s not healthy, it’s not good for you”. Now please don’t miss the point of this message, I’m not trying to be legalistic about what you eat, I’m trying to focus on a larger issue. Truth spoke. I ignored it. I went on to eat my delightful pizza even exclaiming on how good it tasted, completely oblivious in the moment of the repercussions that in all honesty my history with pizza warned me were sure to come.

What if every sin had immediate consequences? Or let’s go a little bit farther what if every action did, whether positive or negative, what if what you sowed right now, reaped in less than ten minutes? Perhaps we’d be more focused on hearing the voice of our Guide, Counselor, Truth teller. Perhaps we’d heed every decision with a thought of what might come in return.

If right before I took a bite of pizza I had the realization that I’d be awake at two a.m. feeling icky in the bathroom, I’d passed on the temporary delight of pizza for the wiser choice of a salad. All too often we ignore the voice of a loving Holy Spirit to make decisions on our own. We decide where we’ll go, what we’ll do, how we’ll do it, and then in a year or in ten years we wonder what got us into the mess we’re in. YOU DID. You ignored the voice of the counselor and the consequences didn’t come for years. It’s not His punishment, it’s simply the result of wrong choices.

This morning I’m pondering things around this subject. I’m pondering how good Holy Spirit is. Every single time He leads me, guides me, instructs me, it’s out of love for me. His intentions towards me are good. That doesn’t mean I’ll always like what He’s asking me to do. When He says to go talk to that person when I just want to keep to my introverted self. When He says to repent to that person when I felt I didn’t do anything wrong. When He says take time out of my day off to go help so and so. When He says to sow money and things are already tight. I may not always LOVE what He says, but I know He ALWAYS loves me. I trust His intentions with me. This may be a stretch of an example, but even down to the reality of the pizza,  heard his nudging, “It’s not healthy” then I chose to eat it anyway. Somewhere in there I didn’t trust that He had a really good reason for speaking to me or I was too busy running my own life to pay attention to His warning and recognize it for what it was. He’s not against me ever eating anything that taste good, He just knows things I don’t know. He knew there’d be a two a.m. wake up call. This all may seem harsh, so let me just say, THANK GOD FOR HIS MERCY!! He’s so patient with us as He leads us and guides us in righteousness.

This body really isn’t my own. I’m just it’s steward. It’s His. My time, it’s His. My finances, my possessions. We’re just stewards of these things. We’re stewarding them for the One we call Lord. He’s not ever going to lead us in a direction that isn’t ultimately for our good.

Be Blessed, J. Tate