Terrorism Sucks

I know the title of this blog isn't extremely "politically correct", but unfortunately that was the only language I had for what is going on in my mind right now. 

I came home from Brazil to another headline letting me know that more people have been killed in yet another attack. The attack on Orlando happened as I left the states, the attack on Turkey happened as I left the Middle East, the attack on France happened as I was leaving Brazil. Each time I log onto my news app to see more graphic pictures of dead bodies and emotionless terrorists. 

Without fail someone ends up questioning (or interrogating) me on my political stances in light of such events. I supposed it is to be expected when you repeatedly preach a message of love without condition. I mean what does it look like to love a person or even a people group when it seems as though their only desire is to see you dead? 

What do you do when the One you love the most set the example of washing the feet of His betrayer and even dying for the ones who nailed him to a cross ensuring his brutal and painful death? 

We preach the love of Jesus Christ. A love that was willing to die for His friends AND for His enemies, but it's one thing to say I'm willing to die for my enemies, it's yet another to say I'm willing to risk the lives of others to die. 

I've never said this situation is simple. I've never said that it was easy. I've actually never even said I understand it all. I try not to drag myself down with the things I don't understand, but rather focus on the Truths I know. 

I know that Jesus forgave me in the midst of my sin. I know that He calls me to love like He loves. I know that love doesn't keep a record of suffered wrongs, it's not selfish, it bears all things, it hopes in all situations, it endures ALL things. 

I'm held accountable to this: 
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself." 

Before we speak, before we act, we must ask ourselves if we are coming from a place of LOVE. Not love like the world defines it, but love as Jesus does. The love that is unhindered by sin, it is not conditional on response, it does not seek its own benefit, it does not harden, it does not hide, it does not demand recompense. 

So the truth is... terrorism sucks. 

Many innocent lives are lost. Many families are devastated. Judgements are made. People are hurt. Many words are said that should never be said. It begins to pull our emotions in multiple directions from compassion to fear, maybe even hatred and prejudice. 

As I stated in an earlier post my heart even hurts for those who are committing these devastating acts. In Ezekiel 18:23 we learn that God doesn't delight in the death of the wicked. Yet I find that in situations like this so many Christians find honest delight when a terrorist dies. God doesn't. 

What a predicament we're put in when we want terrorism to stop, we want the mass killing to stop, and love has to be love for the victims and the perpetrators. How do we equally show unconditional love to both? How do we truly not delight in the death of the wicked and yet stand up for Biblical justice? 

Biblical justice doesn't only mean that we forgive the unforgivable, that we love the perpetrator, it also means we defend the defenseless. 

I hated pulling up the news to hear of yet another attack. After watching God move so mightily in Brazil, I long to see an end to war and injustice. I long for peace. I long for the body of Christ to rise up in hope and faith rather than judgement and condemnation. I long to see unconditional love through the hands and hearts of the bride of Christ. 

I'm not sure how we balance it all. I'm not sure what it looks like on a governmental level. I just know that when threatened, when hurt, when betrayed, we're not only told to love, we were shown how to love. 

It is not time to become offended. It is not the time to become full of bitterness and hatred. It is time to rise up in LOVE. Love for the victims, love for the perpetrators. 

This battle isn't against man, it's against the same demonic forces that have been working for centuries. Pray church. Pray. And Love. 

Be Blessed, 
J. Tate