Cambodian Brick Factories

Our friends were recently given access into brick factories in Cambodia. While there they found out that in these brick factories children start working as soon as they can carry materials (usually around two years old) and families make less than $2 a day for a full day of intense labor. On top of the already harsh conditions the brick factory owners charge $2 a day for rent so essentially families are stuck enslaved with no hope of getting out. While inside the factory they found that in a desperate attempt to get out of their situation parents will ask their young girls to prostitute at night to provide for the family.

Obviously when we heard about this situation we decided we needed to do something to help. A team is going back this August to partner with AIM, the ministry in Cambodia, and we've been given permission to give food and necessities to the families in these brick factories. For just one donation of $30 we are able to provide food for one family for an ENTIRE MONTH, for $50 we can provide food and necessities! 

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